Dear SAREK members,

I wish all the members of the Society of Air-conditioning and Refrigerating Engineers of Korea (SAREK) a healthy and prosperous new year of 2014. I am very glad to be inaugurated as the 24th president of SAREK with radiant history and tradition. This year we have a lot of things to do, such as to re-establish the role of SAREK according to the change of society and to present a new vision while we continue to raise the accomplished professional status of SAREK.

I cannot emphasize more that the most precious asset of SAREK is the member network based on the voluntary participation of 7,000 members. SAREK is providing knowledge-based service utilizing this network. I am dedicated to an inherent role of SAREK, which provides scientific and technical service demanded by society. Firstly, SAREK should contribute to promote globalization and scholarship through publishing world-class journals. Secondly, SAREK should protect the business area and interest of the members by establishing technical standards. Thirdly, SAREK should provide life-long education and training of next generation by expansion of education programs.

The success of SAREK depends on the activation of the member network and it is essential to induce active participation of the members and to maintain smooth communication and tightly knit alliance. From now on, I plan to diversify and decentralize the operation of SAREK so that every member can participate in SAREK activity regardless of region, major, academic background, and job function. I will strengthen the activities of divisions and expert committees and support the activation of regional sub-societies. In addition, I will make the new president election system take root and pave the way for the sustaining service of the leading senior members while they compete with each other in good faith.

I promise to expand the success of SAREK, which was accomplished by all the members including past presidents and make it a core society in air-conditioning and refregeration equipment field, contributing to solving energy problem and creating new businesses. I will exert myself to make SAREK a productive, beneficial, and delightful society and I hope for a positive participation of every member.

Thank you
January, 2014
Hwataik Han
President of SAREK